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Time Management: Why do you need a kitchen timer?

August 31, 2018


Hi guys,


Even though, I believe that we are truly limitless by our nature and abilities, however, there are limits that we have created ourselves to make things organized: for example, time measurements. There are only 24 hours in each day, these are the astronomical and cultural established rules on the Earth, and there is not much you can do about it. Even more, the more you forget about these measurements, the more they tend to slip and hours pass by like they are rushing strangers on the street of NY.


If you are an entrepreneur, artist, mother, or just a very busy human being who needs to pack 100 things in a day, then the following life-hack would be very helpful for you. Buy a kitchen timer. Not for steaks but for your activities. It's a life/time-saver in two situations:


1) When you are tired and have this "can I just lay down for a minute" mood. Kitchen timer can help psychologically reduce stress of starting doing something when there is a limit and you know that in 40 minutes you can relax and drink some coffee. Or you can set it for one minute and really lay down without a guilt but as a result of a confident decision that you really need this now. :)


2) When you get distracted every time you pick up your phone just to set the timer. I'll just set it for 20 minutes... Oh. there is a notification in Instagram. Oh, such a nice photo. Oh, my bestie just posted a story, I need to watch it. And here you go, you've just spent 20 minutes on social media without planning on it.


3) You will have an awareness, where your time goes.


4) You will become in charge of your own time.


How awesome is that?



Let me know, what other time management tricks work for you?   





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